VOTE NO on Proposition 32! Stop Special Exemptions!

Proposition 32 was put on the California ballot by Orange County right-wing activists, anti-union billionaires like the Koch Brothers and corporate SuperPACs. Proposition 32 would silence the voices of working people in California on all state and local issues.

At its core, Proposition 32, the Special Exemptions Act, is about worker payroll deduction versus corporate profits.

Most unions get dues through payroll deduction.  A portion of those funds are then dedicated to politics. Proposition 32 says that if money comes into the union via payroll deduction, it cannot be used for any political purposes – no direct contributions, no independent expenditures, no political parties, no ballot measures and no communications by the unions with their own members.

So, if Proposition 32 passes, our labor movement will not have any money to repeal it. We will have no money to fight “Right-to-Work” initiatives.  We will be unable to stop attempts to eliminate workers’ rights and protections.

If Proposition 32 passes, it will virtually eliminate all political activity by labor in California.

We can’t let this happen. Start educating your coworkers, family and friends now.

Please watch the video and share it widely!

To stay informed, go to the website STOP the Special Exemptions Act.

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4 Responses to VOTE NO on Proposition 32! Stop Special Exemptions!

  1. Charlotte Moore says:

    There is no falling asleep at the wheel in a democracy. Thanks for staying vigilant!

  2. Tina Ortega says:

    Listen to our newest broadcast on the importance of voting No on Prop 32.
    United Trades Radio

  3. joseph ojeda says:

    I say we all take a stand and vote no on 32

  4. jayrob says:

    Where can we get no on prop 32 lawn signs and bumper stickers in the South Bay of L.A.?

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