Walmart Warehouse Workers on Strike!

On Thursday, September 13, warehouse workers begin a 50-mile, 6-day march from the warehouses to downtown L.A.

Warehouse workers went on strike today, September 12. Following months of high tension, high temperatures and extreme pressure in a major Walmart-contracted warehouse, courageous workers – without having a recognized union — walked off the job Wednesday morning to protest retaliation by their warehouse employers for retaliation they have faced on the job. They are calling for safe working conditions and that Walmart take responsibility for working conditions in the warehouse.

“When we spoke out to change these things, some of us were suspended, some of us were demoted and some of us were fired. They spied on us and bullied us, all because we are fighting for dignity.” Limber Herrera, warehouse worker.

Stand with these courageous warehouse workers and demand that Walmart executives hear directly from the people who move its goods.

Click hereto sign the letter to Walmart executives!

Tomorrow, warehouse workers will embark on a 50-mile, 6-day march from the warehouses to downtown Los Angeles. They will sleep on church floors and rely on community organizations for support and meals. Marchers will be joined daily by supporters and elected officials. Workers will hold daily media events and will be available for interviews in English and Spanish throughout the entire march.

Follow the march on Twitter using the hashtag #WalMarch!

Click here to read more about the strike in today’s Frying Pan News.

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