Good Food and Good Jobs at LAX

Gale Holland, of the Los Angeles Times, writes about the new restaurants at LAX, where improvements to the food a are accompanied by improvements to jobs:

LAX is opening its doors starting this year to some of the city’s signature restaurants, including Larder at Tavern, Cole’s and Ford’s Filling Station. A rotating cast of food-truck vendors including Kogi’s is expected to operate out of a space with a mock truck decor. Peel, who closed Campanile on La Brea Avenue in the fall after 23 years, is opening an airport version of the high-class restaurant. The lucky terminals include Tom Bradley International and Terminal 4, home to American Airlines.

What makes this of interest outside foodie circles is that, unlike other gentrification schemes, it will not cost all the little people their jobs. The city, through the Unite Here Local 11 union, is spending $250,000 to retrain workers displaced from eateries like Burger King and Chili’s to work in the new culinary palaces.

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