LA Labor in the News – March 2012

Reality TV bites: “Blue collar” show fires its workers, Frying Pan News, 03/19/12

Rag picking in America?, Huffington Post, 03/16/12

The dark and seamy underbelly of the recycling industry,, 03/16/12

Labor’s take on the economy, New York Times, 03/15/12

Union’s urge curtailment of ‘Super PACs,’ New York Times, 03/15/12

Hoffa pledges continued support of efforts to turn green jobs into good jobs, Sacramento Bee, 03/15/12

Company fires truck driver for taking an emergency bathroom break-while supporting a union, Daily Kos, 03/14/12

Senate OKs transportation bill (with good news for L.A.), Los Angeles Times, 03/14/12

AFL-CIO takes on voter I.D. laws, New York Times, 03/14/12

Citing shared values, AFL-CIO unions vote to endorse Obama for second term, 03/13/12

AFL-CIO ‘enthusiastically’ endorses Obama for reelection, Los Angeles Times, 03/13/12

AFL-CIO endorses Obama, New York Times, 03/13/12

Why Walmart loves welfare, Frying Pan News, 03/13/12

Richard Trumka’s declaration of independence, In These Times, 03/12/12

Workers at California car washes form union, Latin American Herald Tribune, 03/12/12

Les Moonves says CBS doing ‘extremely well’-but will unions benefit?, Hollywood Reporter, 03/11/12

Walmart In LA: Chinatown store protesters say Walmart employees rely on welfare (PHOTOS), Huffington Post, 3/9/12

PHOTOS: Housekeepers, activists recognize International Women’s Day in Hyatt protest, West Hollywood Patch, 3/9/12

Unions release 2012 ethical consumer buying guide, Topanga Messenger, 3/8/12

Car wash workers in New York begin drive to improve working conditions, Huffington Post, 3/7/12

State sues three L.A. car washes for alleged wage violations, Los Angeles Times, 3/7/12

Healthcare costs to dominate IATSE and AMPTP contract talks, Los Angeles Times, 3/7/12

Crew members on Spike TV’s ‘1000 Ways to Die’ fired for trying to unionize, L.A. Weekly, 3/1/12

More of Obama’s campaign team backs marriage equality, The Advocate, 03/01/12

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