Boycott Food 4 Less


For the latest information, see the UFCW 770 Website.

Earlier this summer, grocery workers, represented by UFCW, settled a fair contract with major grocery stores that gives 60,000 workers a decent standard of living. However, one company, Food 4 Less, is refusing to do the same.

Food 4 Less is owned by the Kroger Company, which also owns Ralphs.

Last month, Kroger reported earning $500 million in profits in the 1st quarter of 2014.

Kroger agreed to a fair contract for Ralphs workers but not for its Food 4 Less workers, instead they want to cut health and welfare contributions, work hours and give lower paid positions more work.

Join picketing workers during their continued boycott and adopt a Food 4 Less store in your area!


Food4Less Super Boycott Action!
Saturday August 23, 2014
11am – 3pm
Food4Less Super Boycott Action!
Tuesday August 26, 2014
3pm – 6pm


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  2. Rev. A. Edward Moch D.D. says:

    I have posted a Statement-Comment at Face Books: San Pedro Now! Regarding Unionism and Solidarity. I hope it is a balanced and supportive posting.

    With Best Intentions:

    Rev. A. Edward Moch D.D.

  3. Arlene Tacadena says:

    Are you going to picket 8am to 8pm on August 13, 2014? So I can just show up anytime that day? I can’t commit on a time ‘coz I work nights but I’ll be there to support your cause…sometime that day…Take care…

  4. George White says:

    Is this still going on? I’m planning on being there at noon. I have to take a bus from Glendale at 10:44, so let me know if it’s canceled.

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