Who We Are

Founded in 1885, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, the second largest central labor body in the nation, has in recent decades been on the cutting edge of American labor, boldly leading the labor movement by aiding its local unions’ contract and organizing campaigns, championing the rights of immigrant workers and becoming a powerful force for progressive political change in Los Angeles.

Through mass grass-roots organizing and innovative public policy initiatives, the County Fed, as it is known, has helped its unions better educate their members about politics and government, dramatically boost rank-and-file participation in civic and political affairs, elect pro-labor candidates and fashion laws and programs that help workers and their families escape poverty, strengthen the middle class and promote healthy communities in L.A.

We are convinced all men, women and children have a fundamental human right to a good job, health care, quality education and environmentally sustainable neighborhoods. Visit us at www.launionaflcio.org